Kris McBride

CST, LMT, OM – Integrative Therapist

How did I get into natural medicine? Mom was dying and I had to eat healthy! Yuck!

Herbal and Natural remedies were a big part of my childhood. Growing up in a small town in Southern California, my siblings and I were healed from most illnesses through our mother’s intense research and remedies. But that wasn’t the beginning…

The first try was the traditional hospital experience. My mother was ill as far back as I can remember. She was constantly admitted to the hospital, only to be diagnosed as un-curable. The doctors told my father that she would not live much longer. As my father drove home to pick us up to say our last goodbyes, he listened to talk radio as was his usual habit. That day he heard a doctor discussing severe health crises, and how to heal them. Instead of saying the last goodbyes, my father picked up my mother from the hospital and drove to see that doctor. She was able to recover and soon after, she replaced our beloved junk food and sugary cereal with huge bowls of salad none of us kids were happy about. I fought against it then, begging for “real food”, but later grew to love salad. In fact, I consider it one of my favorite foods.

A big part of my mother’s struggle was the chronic pain she experienced from the many car accidents she had gone through. As a child, I rubbed her feet to help relieve the pain, and never knew trauma’s huge role until much later.

In High School I had decided to become an Architect. But as the time came for me to choose my vocation, the pull to medicine was overwhelming. I had become fascinated with the introductions to different health modalities and the amazing stories I would hear about people’s recoveries. I felt that it was my calling. When someone introduced me to Oriental Medicine over thirty five years ago, my passion was ignited. I feel deeply compassionate for my clients and the physical and emotional challenges they endure. I am passionate about helping them recover.

Studies include: Masters program in Oriental Medical Philosophy and Acupuncture. Cranial Osteopathy, Eastern and Western Herbology, CranioSacral Therapy, Somato Emotional Release, Applied Kinesiology, Oriental Medical Nutrition and Analysis.
Integrating this knowledge and experience allows my clients to realign emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Integrating this knowledge and experience allows my clients to realign emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Pat Jensen

LPN, LMT, NTP – Restorative Body Work, Balancing Health, Weight Management

Have you ever changed your career over something as simple as a sneeze?

When I was young, I watched helplessly as my mom and brothers struggled with health challenges. My mom had started suffering from Grand Mal epileptic seizures before I was born, and my two brothers were born with mental disabilities.

I watched them closely, living in sheer terror that my mom wouldn’t wake up one day. As I grew up witnessing their struggles, my curiosity for what could be done to help them grew as well. I challenged myself to figure out what caused her to live with such a debilitating condition and what could be done to make it better. She tried everything, from pills prescribed by her medical doctor, to seeing a chiropractor, to giving up sugar, to scouring for specialists who could help. I slowly began to connect a pattern between her seizures and stress and/or low blood sugar. My dad, being a very conscientious man, took her to bed every night and made her breakfast every morning so she could stabilize her blood sugar before standing and becoming jittery.

As a teenager I would take my mom to her appointments, which introduced me to alternative medical approaches and some very interesting, intelligent people. I wanted to know more and began studying on my own. After high school, I decided to pursue a nursing career. Accepted by the general populace, it seemed the best way to pursue a heath career and study alternative medicine on my own. In this way I discovered the modalities I hold in such high regard today.

Later, when I was married and raising my family, I sneezed and my upper back locked completely. I took my usual route to the Chiropractor, but he couldn’t release it in a single treatment. At the time, I was babysitting for a friend and couldn’t afford to be on an annual plan. When my friend came to pick up her kids, she saw me and suggested I call her friend Esther. With curiosity and skepticism, I gathered my courage and dialed her number.

That phone call changed my life.

I couldn’t believe it! One massage session with her had unlocked everything! I asked how I could learn what she knew and she agreed to teach me.

I went on to obtain my certification in massage therapy and have never looked back! An avid learner, I continue to devote time to further learning and certifications, and strive to keep informed in cutting edge technologies and new techniques, aiming to improve my practice.

My clients tell me how blessed they are by my unquenchable thirst to find what works best for them.